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Bracelet Golden Fenrir

  • 29.90 EUR

Robust bracelet with angry wolves in stainless steel of the highest quality. Flexible for increased fit.

 Fenrir, or Fenrisulven, is an evil creature in ancient Norse mythology.

 He is the son of Loki and Angerboda, and the brother of Hel and Midgårdsormen.

 Fenrir was bound by the indestructible rope Gleipner, which the gods had the black dwarfs make. To bind Fenrir, the gods had to win the wolf's trust and the hero Tyr then sacrifices one hand in the wolf's gap so the others could bind Fenrir.

 In Ragnarök, Fenrir breaks free and devours Odin.

 Fenrir thus has a very prominent role in Nordic mythology, and we recommend that you let this bracelet play an equally prominent role in your outfit.

 Viking bag is not included, but can be purchased separately.

 Length: 21 cm

 Weight: 35 grams