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Bracelet Tanngrisner

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Stylish and robust bracelet made of stainless steel of the highest quality with Odin's two bucks, Tanngnjost and Tanngrisner.

 Tooth gnashing ("the one who gnashes teeth") and Tanngrisner ("the one who has sparse teeth"), alternatively Toothpick and Toothpaste, were in Norse mythology the god Thor's two goats. When the thunder went, it was because Tor was out with the cart pulled by these bucks.

 In the story of Thor's journey to Utgårdaloke, both the goats are slaughtered in the evening to be resurrected to life in the morning by Thor's hammer Mjölner. Tjalve and Röskva were on the trip. Loki tricked Tjalve into making one of the goats limp by breaking one of its legs to access the marrow when he ate.

 It is disputed, but there is good reason to believe that these goats survived the introduction of Christianity in the form of what we call the Christmas goat, both as the ornament and the goat that before Santa broke through, was the one who handed out the Christmas presents.

 Length: 21 cm

 Width: 7 mm

 Weight 68g

Viking bag

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